Wide Format Printers

Wide Format Printers

By bringing your wide format printing needs in house, you can drastically reduce your print costs, print on demand, and retain control of confidential prints while producing intricate technical drawings, designs, presentation renderings, site plans and floor plans with the most detailed precision. Fraser has a dedicated sales consultant who specializes in wide format printers and will be able to provide you with a specific wide format printing plan for your organization, school, or business.

Wide Format printing can do for construction:

Blue prints produced and changed in house and sent to all points of the project immediately for less down time with changes
Faster and more accurate payments from and to partners and vendors.
Communicate with clients, partners, subs, architects and engineers more efficiently and accurately.
Cost savings by printing on demand instead of going out of house for black/white AND color prints
Create new revenue streams with bill back software for anything printed

What Wide Format can do for schools:

We have been able to show these schools how to process documents more efficiently
Manage and keep more accurate accounting for their printing
Reduce costs by having print on demand instead of outsourcing which can result in budget surplus’ for them
Integrate with Technology classes and Graphic Design classes to assist with student work and portfolio

What Wide Format printing can do for graphic/advertising/etc.:

Bring more costly outsourcing in house
We help speed up their output process, thus lowering the overall burden rate and cost per square foot.
Give customers the ability to provide quicker turn-around times to their customers which affords them the chance to pick-up more jobs and earn more business.
Create high resolution color prints