How to Save Money with Cost-Effective Printing



Are you aware of the amount of money your company spends on printing?  Would it shock you to know that the average person prints around 10,000 pages per year, totaling around $725 per employee?  Now think of all of the employees you have, do the math, and that can give you a rough estimate.  There are ways to save though, and putting these simple practices in place can help you start realizing true savings for your print costs.

  1. Set your print drivers to automatically default to black and white.  This forces everyone to consciously select to print pages in color.  Any marking in color on a page makes it a color print.  With the cost of color prints being around ten times that of black and white prints, this simple rule will make people think twice.
  2. Get a reminder that you've printed a job.  Seems sort of silly, doesn't it?  But so many print jobs are left on the printer, forever to be left behind.  By sending an email to someone when their job prints, it forces that person to collect their job.  This also helps with security, as sensitive information left on the printer can lead to some dire consequences in the wrong hands!
  3. Default printers to duplex pages and save on paper.  Duplex printing means you print on both sides of the paper.  This means your two-page document prints on one page, double-sided.  Do that everytime, and you could drop your 10,000 pages to 5,000 pieces of paper!
  4. Route faxes to email inboxes.  Not only will this save you money on printing, it'll keep your faxes safely in your inbox, rather than sitting on your printer for the world to peruse.
  5. Consider what you actually need from that 100-page document.  Do you really need all 100 pages, or are there maybe 10 that give you what you need?  Only print the pages you truly need instead of printing 100 and throwing away the ones you don't!
  6. Communicate to your employees!  Sounds pretty simple, right?  Tell your staff that their printing is being tracked.  Make sure you indicate it's not because of something one person did, but because you are looking for ways to cut costs.  Maybe you can even do a contest to see what department can cut their print costs the most and give them a prize!  Reports from your print management system can keep track of this.

These are but a few ways that you can start getting a handle on your print costs.  For more information on how to save money with printing, contact Fraser at