IT Managed Services

Information is one of your most valuable businesss assests. So, maintaining and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your information technology infrastructure is vital to the health of your business. That's why you need an information technology partner who has a successful track record you can trust. Net Guardian service from ImagEze Inc. provides you with access to a proven outside resource to assist wth some, or all of the responsibilities associated with your information technology functions.

  • Why Net Guardian from ImagEze

A full-functioning and innovative computer network is critical to keeping you operating at peak efficiency and to maintaining your long-term profitability. Your computer network covers everything from servers, tablets, desktop and notebook computers, switches, routers, firewall appliances and other componets. The Net Guardian service focuses on keeping those network componets working the way they are supposed to work.

Net Guardian engineers have the capability to repair or resolve most issues remotely ofen before your employees realize a problem exists. As a result, your team will be unleashed to work with their core compentencies without having to worry about downtime, allowing your company to be more productive and deliver value.

  •  Net Guardian Services
  • Managed IT Services Support Tiers
  • Remote Desktop Monitoring
  • Remote Server and Networking Device Monitoring
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Monthly Summary of Remediated Issues
  • Critical Patch Management
  • Remote Remediation of Monitored Issues
  • User Support (OS, Product Applications, Basic "How-to Questions")
  • Desktop Optimization
  • User Account Administration
  • Monthly Network Health Report
  • Line of Business Application Assistance