Global Support Center

  • Fraser’s Global Support Center is a new facility that optimizes Fraser’s ability to manage a company’s entire fleet of printers and copiers. With a full-time Global Support Center staff dedicated to monitoring MFP’s, our clients receive superior service and technical support that reduces downtime and offers significant savings. As the region’s leading business equipment and technology firm, Fraser utilizes the latest technological advancements to our customers’ advantage by remote monitoring of MFP’s and printers.
  • By utilizing cloud computing – which is the process of providing and accessing information over the internet, aka the cloud – Fraser provides 24/7 monitoring and maintenance with proactive service. We have the ability to automatically receive meter reads that are 100% accurate and the ability to monitor supply levels.
  • The “engine” of the Global Support Center is Fraser’s Virtual Intelligence Software, also referred to as VIS. VIS is installed at the customer’s location, which allows the Global Support Center staff to view all of the devices in that customer’s fleet. When there is a problem with a device or if it malfunctions in any way, the Global Support Center staff is notified via an email alert, allowing them to diagnose the problem remotely and immediately in real-time.
  • If the problem cannot be fixed remotely, the customer is then notified of the problem and a Global Support Center staff member dispatches a Fraser technician to the location via Fraser’s Global Engineering Tracker or GET for short. GET utilizes GPS technology to monitor the location and availability of Fraser technicians working in the field. A member of the Global Support Center staff then communicates with the technician the location of the company in need of assistance and provides the customer with an estimated arrival time. The Fraser technician arrives at the company’s location to inspect and fix the machine. The technician diagnoses the machine and gets it up and running for the customer. GET helps increase response times while reducing downtime for the customer and keeping their employees productive and efficient. Fraser can help your company do the same and keep YOUR devices up and running.


  • Most importantly, the Global Support Center will free you from the constraints of managing your fleet and allow you to concentrate on doing what you do best.