Medical Modeling

Make Stunning 3D Medical Models in Minutes

Create, share edit and 3D print medical models in real time to increase value to patients while saving time and money.

With Bespoke Modeling, 3D medical modeling becomes simple and efficient. Now doctors and dentists have all the tools and features they need to share anatomical information more effectively. Upload data, view, document and explore specific anatomy within minutes. Your CT scans convert easily into full-color 3D models, and can export for local 3D printing or order low-cost color models online from 3D Systems. Have the power to easily and effectively communicate with patients and consulting professionals, simplify medical imaging, improve medical instruction and promote patient referrals. This easy-to-use, innovative and secure application is also subscription based to save you money.

Enhance Communication

Better information means a better treatment plan. With Bespoke Modeling, doctors and dentists can give patients and collaborating medical professionals a more complete view of underlying anatomy.

  • Full-Color 3D Models
    Users can export 3D models for local printing or immediately order a 3D-printed model from 3D Systems. These lifelike medical models can be used for instruction or practice, and 3D Systems-printed models offer functional resistance similar to that of real bone. Surgeons can drill or saw them and expect close-to-life results. Models can also serve as visual aids for patients and consulting medical professionals.
  • Cost-Effective Anytime, Anywhere Access
    Users can create, view and print Bespoke 3D anatomical models from any web browser or mobile device, eliminating the access and sharing costs associated with a dedicated workstation. Bespoke Modeling is a subscription service, so users only pay for the time they need; subscriptions start at only $30 per month.
  • State-of-the-Art Presentations
    Bespoke Modeling’s cutting-edge documentation and presentation tools give doctors and medical educators the power to highlight specific, in-depth anatomical views. With a simple point and click, anyone can bookmark specific perspectives of the model, add three-dimensional smart labels or hotspots, or create a fly-through movie to highlight a specific section. Once 3D printed, physical models provide realistic demonstration and practice aids.

Save Time

Create, share, edit and 3D print medical models in real time with anyone, anywhere in the world. Immediately upload DICOM data, create models and order 3D-printed models for practical demonstrations, presentations and more.

  • Fully Automatic
    Be productive instantly. Simply upload CT, MRI or ultrasound data and Bespoke Modeling does the rest, rendering the 2D scans into a 3D model in moments. The application applies color according to material or tissue density, and with one button, users can apply filters to view only the anatomy they require.
  • Share in Real Time
    Sharing 3D models on physical media can be slow. Don’t be held back. Instead, swiftly upload DICOM data to Bespoke Modeling, and in a few moments your completed model is instantly available to you and anyone else you choose.
  • Explore Detailed 3D Anatomy on the Cloud
    CT, MRI and ultrasound files are stored on network servers, ensuring file security, integrity, and fast ubiquitous access and sharing. Intuitive viewing controls—like rotate, adjust depth of focus, and associate markers to specific features—allow anyone to explore like never before.

Promote Referrals

3D printed models from Bespoke Modeling allow medical professionals to enhance patient education, extend their reach and elevate their value to patients and referring physicians.

  • Impressive Models
    A high-fidelity 3D-printed model by Bespoke Modeling is a simple yet powerful way to stand out while demonstrating to patients the uniqueness of their case and their treatment.
  • Extend Professional Reach
    STap the world’s expertise and consult with doctors around the globe on virtual 3D models. Bespoke Modeling’s accessible and simple tools allow any medical professional to quickly provide and highlight advanced 3D information instantly over any distance.
  • Boost Patient Value
    Patients appreciate knowing exactly what’s going on rather than being weighed down by intimidating medical imaging. Bespoke Modeling’s state-of-the-art 3D medical models provide patients with an accessible view of their anatomy and diagnosis, which they can share with family and friends worldwide.


Tools and features to create and share anatomical information more effectively

  • Affordable and Accessible for All
    • Low cost; subscriptions start at $30 per month; no equipment or software to buy
    • Allows you to invite ‘guests’ to view data online
    • Data is viewable by any browser and platform, as well as iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • User-friendly, Intuitive Interface With Full set of automated tools
    • Automatically create a virtual 3D model in moments from any size CT, MRI scan or any DICOM data
    • Automatic clean up of data
    • View 2D DICOM data in addition to the 3D model; 2D data is unaltered
    • View 3D models along every axis including sections
    • Zoom in on specific structures
    • Add annotations and hotspots to highlight important areas or views
    • Utilize very powerful presentation and multi-media tools
    • Adjust focus based on material density
    • Preset filters make it easy to view specific anatomy, like bones only, tissue only and more
    • Bookmark, save and share any view or file
    • Share online models instantly
  • Quickly Create 3D prints and export data, securely
    • Instantly order full-color, high-resolution 3D-printed models directly from 3D Systems to be shipped to your door
    • Easily export models in STL and ZPR file formats for in-house 3D printing
    • 3D-printed models exhibit a feel and resistance similar to that of real bone for practice procedures or instruction
    • Data is securely stored on network servers, ensuring file security, integrity and anytime access


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